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Coaching and Consulting

Developing strategies so your executives and business can excel

Connecting Resources

Recruiting the right people to help your business to grow and succeed

Business Development

Connecting your business to new customers and suppliers in Germany or Ireland

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Coaching, Training and Consulting

Consulting and coaching executives for leadership

Bridge-It also offers leadership coaching and mentoring services. As your business evolves managing the demands that come with change can pose challenges for senior management and other employees. With our coaching service you avoid some of the mistakes and pitfalls that can hinder success.


Connecting Resources

Hire staff to create a base in Germany or find German speakers for your Irish office

We listen carefully to your recruitment needs, ask the right questions, assess a number of different options and then find the best one for you. With our deep market understanding, we will develop and implement the right strategy to maximise your resources.

Set up in Ireland

Establish a base for your business in Ireland, a unique English speaking country

In a post-Brexit Europe Ireland is the only native-English speaking country in the Eurozone. Bridge-it can help your company establish a base in Ireland. With direct flights to North America, the Middle East, China and Europe, Ireland is the ideal location for companies that aspire to be multi-nationals.

Sell to Germany

A new market for your product or service in the heart of Europe

With over 100 million German-speakers at the heart of Europe, there is a huge potential marketplace for your company’s services and products. Bridge-it researches the best connections, arranges meetings and puts you in touch with potential partners and customers.

Buy from Germany

New suppliers for your business that deliver direct to you

We can help you to source and vet suppliers and ensure that you get the best quality goods that you need for your business. If you are searching for a European-based source, Bridge-it can assist you to find reliable and trustful, suppliers. We train you in intercultural aspects.


Language Xchange Ireland

Con Furey – Managing Director

I used Stefanie at Bridge-it to connect with my German, Austrian and Swiss markets for over 2 years. She qualified the sales leads and organised our sales & marketing campaign into Europe  / abroad by setting up face-to-face meetings and  appointments for me.

Stefanie was excellent in getting quality leads and  filtering out potential clients from a dead lead. We have done 3 marketing trips so far –  this autumn I had 55 quality appointments in Germany.

The one thing about Stefanie is that she is determined, highly self motivated and persistent. If you give her the brief and direction you want to go, she will take it from there and  doesn’t need a lot of instructions. She is quick to learn herself what is working and what is not, and to adapt and change your marketing strategy to suit the campaign. In a lot of cases, Stefanie would come back to me offering advice. She is meticulous, thorough, driven and precise.

If you want to connect with the German market, where I believe we all need to be, Stefanie has a great business model and in depth knowledge there. As an individual she is amazing in what she does. She is going to get you results, there is no doubt about it – I highly recommend her.

Audio interview, Don Harris (Managing Director of TalkBack and CoachTalk)

Pod Office Solutions

Kara Cramp – Managing Director

Bridge-it helped us with research identifying  high quality suppliers in Germany for modular buildings. Stefanie connected us with companies who met our criteria and we got on-going support from her in building these relationships. She also helped us from a marketing perspective to increase our presence and marketing footprint in Ireland.

Stefanie has been fantastic for us with her Bridge-it service,  opening doors,  building relationships and building networking opportunities. She  helped us develop harmonious relationships with Germany and German suppliers. Throughout, Stefanie was in-between with Bridge-it guiding all the time.

Main strength:

Her experience and openess to helping us build business links and relationships, and the fact that she was constantly available to answer any queries I had, day and night. She is a very open, pro-active and diligent worker. She’s also easy to work with.


Audio interview, Don Harris (Managing Director of TalkBack and CoachTalk)

Delivery Hero

Hugo Suidman – Chief Development Officer

We hired Stefanie to assist with setting up HR at our fast growing start up.

Stefanie started adding value from the first day on the job, acted as a team member, pushed for results and gave us confidence that we could reach our goals.

I would definitely recommend Stefanie for any HR related assignment with a high amount of complexity and challenge.

Feel invited to contact me if you need more information. I would be happy to promote to you Stefanie in person and discuss if she is the right match with your challenge.

Hugo Suidman

Hugo Suidman