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Sell to Germany:

A new market for your product or service in the heart of Europe

With over 100 million German-speakers at the heart of Europe, there is a huge potential marketplace for your company’s services and products. Bridge-it researches the best connections, arranges meetings and puts you in touch with potential partners and customers. We ask the right questions to ensure that your business will be a success in Europe. Do you want your business to grow? If you are looking for new export opportunities Bridge-it can advise you on the viability of your offering for the German market. Bridge-it will cultivate sales leads, make the right introductions and help your organisation to succeed in Germany. Explore new business development opportunities in the European mainland with our support and develop new markets overseas. Bridge-It gives you the advantage when it comes to finding new European sales channels.

Buy from Germany:

New suppliers for your business that deliver direct to you

We can help you to source and vet suppliers and ensure that you get the best quality goods that you need for your business. If you are searching for a European-based source, Bridge-it can assist you to find reliable and trustful, suppliers. We train you in intercultural aspects. We can help you find the same products for less, or source alternative products of better quality than your existing supplier offer. Reduce the risk of over-reliance on one supplier by developing relationships with key suppliers in Germany. Stay competitive by establishing a direct supply chain within Europe. Reduce the lead time for supply delivery, rather than look to Asia, find suppliers in Europe which don’t compromise on quality.


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